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Carers and Child Care Providers
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Welcome to Child Safe VPN

Our Child Safe VPN service, designed for all children under 13, expertly blocks access to all social media sites, online messaging apps, harmful websites, phishing sites, most adverts and much more. It enforces search engines "safesearch" feature

It works on Mobile Data networks, Public WiFi and home networks, so wherever they access the Internet you know they will be much safer!

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What is Child Safe VPN?

It's a "Virtual Private Network" with a difference - it is FAR SAFER for children to access than any other service available.

It's a Cloud service designed from the ground up to be a safe haven for all children to surf the web, use childrens apps and effectively without adverts and lower risks of accidentally seeing something they do not want/should not see. It age-restricts YouTube content.

For parents, grandparents etc it removes the need for setting up complex "Parental Controls" as the Cloud service does this all for you.... but feel free to continue to use in-app or on-device parental controls for added peace of mind.

Protect your children

The online world is forever more complex, sophisticated and laden with unnecessary dangers. Child Safe VPN is a big step in the direction of bringing safety, clarity, simplicity and flexibility managed for you by our child friendly online experts

Easy Install

Easy Installation & Setup

Updated Constantly by Online Safety Experts

Employs multiple security layers - Secure By Design

As new apps/threats emerge the Cloud service is updated for you

We respect you and your children - we guarantee the service does not log any usage activity

How Does It Work?

All you need for your child to experience a safe, anonymous, secure Internet world - well protected from most online demons, trolls, predators

Child Safe VPN Explained

Highlight features of Child Safe VPN

All you need ....


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