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Carers and Child Care Providers
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Child Safe VPN Service Features

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is usually synonymous with

  1. Anonymity - by providing a choice for the user to select many different countries to "tunnel" through whenever they choose [increasingly (!!) and rather ironically used by many children in schools to bypass appropriate blocking of adult sites etc.]
  2. Privacy - by preventing ISPs and others from recording/tracking where you are, where you are going and what you are doing on the Internet (many VPN providers "guarantee they do not log their users activity")
  3. Spoofing Geographical Location - for a user to pretend they are somewhere they are not e.g. an easy way to get around the UK Govt now abandoned legislation on Adult Sites and the under 18s, to potentially access services in that country (using bbc.co.uk & iPlayer when you are physically in the USA for example)
  4. Encryption - providing similar data-encryption to that used to access your online banking but to all traffic leaving your device & it only becomes "normal internet" traffice in a data-centre somewhere

Our Child Safe VPN is all the above except for it has far greater security and has multi-layered controls of what type of content can be accessed and blocks many methods of "tunnelling out" to help prevent accidental (or intentional) access to inappropriate content -

No Social Media Website or App Access - no Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Reddit and more ...

No Chat Apps Access - no Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, SnapChat, TikTok, Skype and more ...

Very Few Adverts - over a 90% reduction in the number of adverts

SafeSearch Enforced - Google, Bing etc (we'd actually recommend you use sites like kiddle.co)

YouTube Restricted Mode - Child-Friendly Video content only

Blocks/Restricts access to TOR (aka The Dark Web)

No Gambling sites

No Dating Sites

Enables the Counter Terrorism UK Block List (CTIRU)

Enables the Internet Watch Foundation UK Block List (IWF)

Blocks Website Tracking Codes - like Facebook Pixel, Advertiser Tracking and more ...

Blocks Known Phishing and Malware Sites / Dangerous Code

Blocks known dangerous web servers and sites

Disables Puffin Browser

Disables VPN within Opera Browser

No anonymity services - disallows "VPN within a VPN"

Updated Daily - in some instances multiple times per day

We use a multi-layered approach to child safety and online security. No system is 100% perfect

We try to do is get as close as possible and make it as easy as possible to provide the best levels of protection

Designed for children, vulnerable/disadvantaged young adults and for those that work with children

We listen to our user-base and to their parents/carers etc - let us know if you think a site or app should be blocked

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