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Carers and Child Care Providers
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Our story is really one of a personal life journey that has led to the development of this Online Child Safe VPN Service. The mission to strive to change the life of survivors of one of the most heinous crimes possible and prevent as many potential new victims as possible.

Stuart (our Chief Technology Officer) has worked in cyber security for many years but in 2014 he suffered a mental health breakdown dealing with his own emotions from historical child sexual abuse. After 40 years of burying his childhood trauma, unforeseen circumstances meant he now had the opportunity to get the horrendous perpetrator taken to court and try to get a criminal conviction against his childhood Scout Leader/Policeman/Chorister.

This finally resulted in a 20 year jail term - a sentence handed down in Lincoln Crown Court 20th May 2016, some two and a half years after the initial investigation began. Stuart made the decision to waive his legal rights to anonymity to encourage others to speak up and has given interviews on how this had affected his life for 40 years. It has taken some 5 years of therapy and time out to recover. Returning to work took on a new meaning - Stuart's wife Julie, seeing the deep problems relating to this, wanted Stuart to use his expert knowledge to do as much as possible to try to protect children with the skills he had online.

Julie is also a very active part in this journey and the business that has grown from that, having met in 2014 at Stuart's all-time life low point. The right emotional and physical support and loyalty from true friends have been the backbone of recovery - Stuart has gained huge strength from this.

The internet has opened up a new fun, educational, informative environment and incredibly speedy communications medium but sometimes it is a hugely dangerous place for children, vulnerable members of society, naive in mis-understanding intent of perpetrators exploiting the medium. Child Safe VPN has been created to help adults protect the under 13’s - not just as a business but as a mission to prevent children accidentally getting involved in things they don’t (and shouldn't need to) understand.

To a survivor, privacy and trust are two of the most important aspects of emotional well-being - both truly shattered in Stuart's case from age 10 through day to day grooming. Stuart and Julie are fully aware of the dangers posed online by a new breed of online groomers, child exploitation and deviant individuals now given "pack mentality" in the ease in which child pornography, chat rooms, chat apps etc can be used for their own self-gratification.

If we can help just one child not to have to go through this then we will be satisfied we have done all we can to help.


If you have an event that you feel would benefit from us attending in either a technical or mental health capacity then please feel free to get in touch press@childsafevpn.com