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Carers and Child Care Providers
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Index Of Our Child Safe VPN Setup Guides

We strive to bring you as many setup guides as possible for various devices and platforms as soon as we can. In principal most are all very similar depending whether you are using a tablet, mobile or desktop/laptop device or some Internet of Things devices e.g. Smart TV.
  1. Apple Mobile Phone Setup Guide - Apple App Store
  2. Apple iPad Tablet Setup Guide- Apple App Store
  3. Android Mobile Phone Setup Guide - Google Play Store
  4. Android Tablet Setup Guide- Google Play Store
  5. Android TV USB Stick & Smart TV Setup Guide - Google Play Store
  6. Amazon Fire Tablet Setup Guide - Amazon App Store
  7. Amazon Fire Tablet Setup Guide- Google Play Store
  8. Amazon Fire TV USB Stick Setup Guide - Amazon App Store

Several steps & recommendations apply to ALL devices, regardless of Operating System -

  1. Ensure the Operating System on your device is updated through "Software Updates" to ensure it is running the latest version of the Operating System.
  2. Ensure all your Apps installed on your device are updated and running the latest versions
    1. Via Google Play Store
    2. Or Manually if installed that way
  3. Ensure you have Anti-Virus / Anti-Malware installed on your tablet and that it has up-to-date virus definitions
  4. A working WiFi connection is required for the setup and installation of the Child Safe VPN Service


PLEASE NOTE - when you are using these devices the Operating System and any Apps will not update due to the controls in place on the Child Safe VPN service. You should at least monthly disconnect from the Child Safe VPN Service and update your devices OS and Apps manually.